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Should you need immediate assistance, please don’t hesitate to call us at (207) 571-8653.

Royal Thrones of New England

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the space requirements for parking?2023-11-01T13:16:24-04:30

Our trailers need a reasonably level area for setup. We can adjust for minor inclines. Ensure the chosen spot is free from obstructions, especially overhead tree branches. The access route should also have a minimum clearance of 12’w x 12’h. Typically, our restroom trailers measure 8′ X 22′ in size.

How does the delivery process work?2023-11-01T13:17:06-04:30

For events taking place on Saturdays, we typically deliver our restroom trailers either on Thursday or Friday. Our delivery experts will coordinate with you to find the most suitable time and ensure optimal trailer placement. We appreciate if someone could meet us on-site to pinpoint the desired location. Post-event, our trailers are usually collected on Sunday or Monday, so your presence isn’t mandatory.

What amenities come with a restroom trailer rental?2023-11-01T13:18:14-04:30

We’re here to make your event elegant and convenient. All Royal Thrones trailers are equipped with essential amenities like toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, and hand soap. While guests are responsible for minor upkeep (e.g., replenishing paper products), our attendants can be hired to manage these tasks. For extended rentals, the client is in charge of cleaning, maintenance, and restocking as required.

What are the electrical prerequisites?2023-11-01T13:20:53-04:30

Our trailers need a standard 110 volt, dedicated 20 amp power source within 100 ft. In colder temperatures below 45°F, a separate 20 amp source may be required for heating purposes. If you don’t have power access, we offer generator rentals to accompany your trailer.

What are the water requirements for the trailers?2023-11-01T13:22:56-04:30

Each restroom trailer needs a water connection within 50 to 100 ft. Our standard garden hose will do the trick. If your event lacks a water source, we can provide an onboard water supply for a small additional fee. Kindly inform us in advance if this service is needed.

Thank you for choosing Royal Thrones of New England. We’re honored to bring luxury and convenience to your special events across Arkansas, Arundel, Maine, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Portland, Rhode Island, Texas, and Vermont.

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